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The Los Angeles Breakfast Club Cameo in Feature Film Poolman

The Los Angeles Breakfast Club is featured in Chris Pine’s directorial debut Poolman! The film is about Darren Barrenman, an unwavering optimist who strives to make Los Angeles a better place to live. If you think that sounds a LOT like a member of the Breakfast Club, you’re correct. Perhaps Darren is a member. 

If you look closely at the opening scenes, you’ll notice that he is a featured speaker at The LABC.

Yes! His name appears on a club flier – a very small part of the set dressing pinned to the wall. Befitting of the club that loves friendship and irony, 'featured' is a term used loosely--you'll miss this flier if you blink or if you're late to your seat.

Hat’s off to Chris Pine, Production Designer Erin Magill, Art Director Sammi Wallschlaeger and Set Decorator Traci Spadorcia for getting this aspect of someone who loves LA so true to character.

Production Design: @erinmagill_



We hope that more TV and film art departments who are designing a story in or with characters from Los Angeles will license LABC paraphernalia for set dressing, or, better yet, be 'upgraded' to props where a lead character drinks coffee out of an LABC mug! A club can dream big. 

Pine says, “The film is an ode to the city in which I was born, Los Angeles, full of love and frustration. Our city has a shadow side that destroys its history with nary a thought and forgets about the myriad of dreamers lost along the boulevard of dreams. But also, to this wonderful land of creation and storytelling which helps our world make sense of what it means to be alive.” 

Congratulations! We will forever think of your Darren as a fellow Ham 'N' Egg. 

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