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Membership Information

Application Process

Los Angeles Breakfast Club membership is open to everybody aged 18 or older. Most members live in Southern California, although The LABC has members in Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Austria, and Australia. A membership application can be obtained during a Wednesday morning meeting and returned in-person or via email.


After the form is received, the Board of Directors will read, review, and vote on approval of your application. After approval, you will be initiated into The Los Angeles Breakfast Club through one of our traditional initiation ceremonies. 

Membership Dues

Annual dues help cover the costs of operating The Los Angeles Breakfast Club. Membership for 2023 is set at $285/yearly or $28.50/monthly. All members of The Los Angeles Breakfast Club receive the following benefits:

  • 25% discount on Breakfast Tickets

  • "Members Only" Friday Happy Hour

  • Exclusive Tours, Events, & Discounts

  • Coffee Mug

  • License Plate Frame

  • Membership Card

  • Wednesday Meeting "Members Only" Virtual Livestream

Financial Aid Fund

The Shrine of Friendship is open to everyone. If a member or prospective member needs help covering monthly or annual dues, The Los Angeles Breakfast Club Foundation has established a Financial Aid Fund. The application process is confidential. Everyone is welcome at The Los Angeles Breakfast Club and we invite you to apply for membership.


Please send an email  to for more information about the Financial Aid Fund. 

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